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Heath Grob provided services to me and to my software development company that were invaluable. Heath’s real-world business background and experience separates him from other attorneys I have used. Heath was cognizant of costs and expedited my eventual solution. Working with Heath, it is clear that his business experience gives him a real-world perspective toward solving problems. Additionally, if filing suit is the solution, he has practical and friendly approach with the jury that makes him one of the most effective litigators I have worked with. 

Scott S.

I knew Heath from when he was in the business world, and I didn’t hesitate to call him when I needed an attorney to help me negotiate the purchase of a light industrial warehouse. During this year and a half long process, we sat down with real estate agents, bankers, developers, general contractors and subs, and what impressed me was Heath’s ability to interact with all the actors and understand their part in the larger process. For once, we completed a project on time and on budget, and Heath was an integral part of that success. 

Don M.

As a Director of Operations for a franchisee, I run into all kinds of problems. Heath Grob has provided my owner’s group with real value in the form of being available to prevent a future disaster or defuse a negotiation gone wrong. I have had the good fortune of avoiding a lawsuit since we brought Heath on board, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. 

Morgan G.

I spent 3 years in a contentious and hard fought lawsuit against my commercial landlord who was holding my deposit hostage. Mr. Grob handled the whole case without adding the costs of additional attorneys or expert witnesses. We went to trial in Dallas County and won a lopsided verdict against the landlord. Heath was focused in his tactics and fair in his billing. I can’t say I recommend that kind of lawsuit to anyone but I can say I am glad Heath was my lawyer, and I certainly approve of the outcome. 

John E.

I am always surprised about how Heath Grob helps me. I own a commercial landscaping company with multiple subsidiaries. Sometimes I have trouble with trucking regulations while hauling materials from our quarries and other times I am dealing with the EEOC or DOL about labor issues. Sometimes I need employee manuals or sometimes I need help getting employees out of tickets. I am constantly negotiating or litigating with multistate general contractors, and I need a trial lawyer who knows how the construction world works. You just never know what comes up. I dump all of it on Heath, and he somehow knows what to do next. 

David A.

I used Heath Grob to set up a series LLC to use in my residential rental investment company, and I have kept using him since. I like that he lets me use him in an “a la carte” kind of way without charging me for services I don’t need. He reviews contracts, leases, governmental notices, or what ever I need to help make the most cost-effective decisions forward. 

Ron S.

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