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The decision to dissolve a marriage is often painful, but the process doesn’t have to be. Heath Grob, Principal Law Firm, P.C. provides reliable counsel to North Texas clients at every stage of the marriage dissolution process. We work with you to set goals and determine the best method of resolving terms related to custody, child support, division of property and assets, and alimony. We are always mindful of your time, expense and the emotional toll that divorce can take. Our firm works to reach fair settlements that uphold your rights, while sparing you many of the rigors of the legal process. However, when litigation is necessary, our attorney goes to court fully prepared and determined to win.

What are the grounds for filing divorce in Texas?                       

Anyone who has resided in Texas for six months and has lived for 90 days in the county where he or she intends to file, may file for divorce. There are four fault-based grounds in Texas, which can be used when one spouse’s misconduct compels the other to seek a divorce. These grounds are:

  • Adultery — Texas law defines this ground as “the voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with one not the husband or wife of the offender.” A finding of adultery could influence the property distribution and child custody rulings in favor of the innocent spouse.
  • Cruelty — Willfully and persistently causing your spouse unnecessary suffering is grounds for divorce. A finding of cruelty can also influence the court to favor the innocent spouse in property and child custody matters.
  • Felony conviction — This ground applies if a spouse has been convicted of a felony crime requiring a year’s imprisonment and has not been pardoned.
  • Abandonment — If one spouse voluntarily leaves the other with the intent to stay away permanently and is gone for at least a year, the other spouse can claim abandonment.

Texas also has three no-fault grounds, which are:

  • Insupportability — The complaining spouse asserts the marriage is no longer endurable. Other jurisdictions use the phrase “irretrievably broken” to describe the state of the marital relationship.
  • Living apart — If the couple has not shared the same home for three years, they may assert that the marriage is effectively over.
  • Confinement in a mental hospital — This ground is available when a spouse has been confined for three years and is not likely to recover mental capacity.

Choosing the grounds for filing is both a factual and a strategic decision, so it is wise to consult a knowledgeable family law attorney before taking that first step.            

How much does a divorce in Texas cost?

Like each marriage, each divorce is unique and it is impossible to determine beforehand what type of legal work will be required. Our firm will discuss costs honestly with you and suggest ways of limiting expenses. Understandably, a simple divorce where the parties settle their issues by agreement costs less than a high net worth divorce where there are serious conflicts over property and child custody issues.

Types of divorce in Texas                            

Along with deciding on divorce grounds, you must also decide whether you can reach a marital settlement agreement or must litigate issues such as alimony, child custody, child support and property division. We mediate divorces between couples to help them reach consensus. The collaborative process, where spouses share information and work together toward a resolution, is another way to minimize time and expense.

However, not every couple should pursue a settlement. If a marriage has a history of domestic violence, or if one spouse cannot be trusted to be honest and transparent about finances, litigation might be warranted.    

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